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4-H Ropes Course

Book a Team-Building Program on our 4-H Ropes Course

The 4-H High Ropes Course is a development program to foster critical life skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork. 

Utilizing 22 ropes climbing elements, dozens of team building initiatives on the ground, and a highly experienced staff, groups come to the 4-H Ropes Course to grow together as a team, to develop trust in themselves and one another, and to practice mental resilience in the face of challenges. 

While our main focus is the youth in our community, we work with groups of all ages and this is a GREAT experience for team building. We've received much great feedback from companies and corporations that wanted to offer their team a memorable and fun day out and about in the community. The 4-H Ropes Course welcomes school classes, teams, corporate groups, friends, family, after-school clubs, Scouts, and more!

Non-Profit, School, and Youth Serving Organization Rates:

  • $450 per group for up to 30 people, with up to 4 hours of programming.
  • $100 per hour for additional programming.
  • $15 per person after the initial 30 participants.

Corporate & Adult Group Rates:

  • $100 per person for up to 4 hours of programming.

Add a Farm-Fresh Pizza Meal Experience: 

  • $15 per person
If you think this program is a good fit for your team, group, or organization, email George at to book your program today!