Advisory Board

TVF Advisory Board

Advisory Board


Tucson Village Farm benefits from having a dynamic, engaged, and experienced Advisory Board.  Dedicated to our mission, the Board works tirelessly to guide our team toward programmatic and financial sustainability of the organization on every level.

Current Board Members:

  • Susan Kentosh (Board Chair)
  • Kathy Alexander
  • David Benton
  • Steve Gottlieb
  • Robin Kropp
  • Barbara LaWall
  • Nancy Laney
  • Paul Lindsey
  • Kuumba Piazza
  • Bassil Ramadan
  • Amanda Ruboyianes
  • Richard White
  • Ann Wilds
  • Cliff Wood
  • Curtis Jones
  • Nancy Landes
  • Eva Post (youth advisory board member)
  • Cita Scott 

For more information about the TVF Advisory Board, please email:

Hats off to them!